Chris Koerner

Howdy, I'm Chris.
I'm addicted to entrepreneurship & MH/RV park investing.

A bit about me.

My business is starting businesses and writing about it. I've started and or sold five 7-8 figure companies in 5 different industries.

These are some the companies I currently own:

1. - We're the first and world's largest unofficial re-seller of Buc-ee's products.

2. - We sell hardware, services and software related to crypto mining.

3. - DFW-based tree trimming company that we incubated from scratch with an operating partner in the summer of 2023. We are rapidly expanding and having a ton of fun.

4. Voltera - Healthcare AI startup that helps skilled nursing facilities save 5-6 figures per year.

5. RV/MH Parks 1 - We own an RV park in Waco, TX and I own minority interests in several other parks as well.

6. RV/MH Parks 2 - I am a General Partner in a real estate private equity fund that buys 1 - 3 RV parks per month.

7. - This is the holdco for most of everything above. We fund undergrads and provide them with a salary, training and a business idea to launch alongside us. It's a lot of fun.

8. Content - I write ~40,000 words of free, long form business content every month between X, LinkedIn and to 7,000+ newsletter subscribers. This content is read by 20-30 million people every month and is a good read for fellow business and real estate nerds.

9. Other - I am always tinkering with and/or incubating a few other stealth ideas at any given time.

I have a deep passion for entrepreneurship, writing and real estate. My writing attempts to put all 3 together.

I live in DFW on 3 acres with a beautiful wife of 16 years and 4 kids ages 8-14.

A few more unique things about me, if you're still reading:

- My wife and I each donated a kidney to a stranger to say thanks to the boy who donated his lungs to my daughter. I'm deeply passionate about altruistic kidney donation.

- I saw all 50 states in 60 days with my family in an RV.

- After being obese for my 20s, I lost it all and ran 15 ultramarathons and hold records in several of them.

- I partnered with the legendary John McAfee on a crypto project in 2018.

- After being rejected by Buc-ee's to be the first to sell their products online, I went ahead and did it anyway, with my good friend and cousin Kirk Salisbury. That is now a thriving 7 figure company.

- I bought a company in 2021 for $750k and increased monthly revenues from $63k to $4,300,000 in our first 3 months.

- We have over 1,100 students applying to our program every month and have a <1% acceptance rate. We spent $65k on the domain and it was worth every penny.

- My best friend and business partner is Nik Hulewsky, and we were missionary companions for the LDS church 20 years ago in Hungary.

- I have started 20+ companies with 10+ business partners and absolutely freaking love what I do. Business is my hobby, profession and passion, and it doesn't feel like work.

Well, how'd I do? Are you still reading? That was a mouthful. Reach out to me at the contact form at the bottom of the page if you're interested in me speaking, consulting, advising or providing good Texas BBQ recipes.

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